Water Feature Installation

Installing a Water Feature is very easy to do.

Mark the area for the reservoir and dig an appropriate sized hole. The marking can be done by positioning the reservoir on the ground and then throw sand against the reservoir as shown in the photo. Alternatively dig a round hole slightly larger than the reservoir.


Position the reservoir in the ground so that it is firm and level. It is very important to spend a little time on getting this right the first time.

For heavy features, we recommend that at a mixture of sand & cement is used under the wings for extra strength.

The top of the reservoir should be just above soil level to avoid soil washing into the reservoir.


Place the feature on the reservoir and feed the hose through from the top of the feature. The reservoir lid is pre-drilled for a center hole, so you might need to drill new holes in the lid if your feature has more than one outlet.

Tape the hose at the top end so it fits snugly into the hole or silicone the gap between the hose and the granite. This is to avoid the water running back down the hole inside the feature.

The top of the hose should be app. 3” inside the feature.


Feed the light up through the hose from the bottom end. Make sure it is pushed through far enough so that it is easy to change the light bulb and lens when necessary. The excess cable will push back into the hose.


Coil a piece of wire around the light and push it into place. The wire will work as a spring and keep the light in place. Position the light so that it will be covered by the water. At the same time leave it clear of the hose so that it doesn’t restrict the water flow.


Cut a small slit in the bottom end of the hose and pull the cable for the light into the slit.

As mentioned above, make sure to leave enough cable in the hose so that you can pull the light free of the feature later to change the bulb/lens.


Attach the hose to the pump and secure with a jubilee clip. You might need to seal around the cable with tape or silicone to avoid losing too much water.

You can adjust the water flow on the small tap.

If you use multiple outlets from the pump, then you can adjust the top outlet by turning the whole side outlet (The top outlet is fully open when the small tap is pointing upwards, and fully closed when the small tap is turned 90 degrees clockwise like in the photo).


Now place the pump in the reservoir through the hatch. If you have multiple outlets then you might have to position the pump on its side, which will make no difference to its performance.

Fill the reservoir with water and adjust the water flow. It is important that all the water runs back into the reservoir otherwise it will drain very quickly.

If your feature is splashing a lot then you might want to increase the water catchment area by adding a liner around the reservoir. Make sure it is sloping inwards and overlaps the reservoir edge.


Once you are happy with the water flow cover the reservoir with gravel or pebbles of your choice.

SAFTY ADVICE: The 12V transformer for the light MUST be indoors or sheltered from the rain and ALWAYS use a circuit breaker for the pump.

Sit back and enjoy your new feature.

If the water stops flowing then it could simply be that the reservoir has run dry or that you need to clean the filter.

To clean the filter, turn off the pump,  lift the pump out from the reservoir and detach the filter by pressing on the side where you will see two small taps. Rinse the filter under a tap.